Thursday, February 17, 2011

Recipe Nut

I just recently found this great new site Called Recipe Nut.

Why use it this site?

Save Recipes From Any Site

Tired of having recipes scattered across many websites? Now you can simply add a recipe link from any website to one recipe box.

Add Personal Recipes

Have some crazy creations? Family favorites? Easily add them to your recipe box and share with everyone.

All of Your Recipes in One Place

Nutty idea right? No more juggling between recipes stuck in folders, recipes on your computer and recipes on several different Websites.

Follow Others

Get inspiring ideas from fellow recipe nuts by following them to see their most recent recipe activity. The more you follow, the more customized the site becomes.

Did you know you can link your Recipe Nut account with your Facebook account? Now it’s easier to log in and share with friends.