Sunday, April 4, 2010

Princess and the Frog DVD Giveaway!!!!!!!

I am hosting my First Ever Giveaway!!!!
Brand New Princess and the Frog DVD
I will close the Giveaway on April 10th
All you have to do is become a follower and post a comment below. I will randomly pick a winner using a program my husband developed.

Its that simple, I will contact the winner through email so that i can mail this dvd out asap!


w said...

Do I win since I am the only one that has entered this Giveaway? I saw your post on I am in the North Austin Moms group with you. Are you going to the Muller Park playdate next week?

TexasDealHuntress said...

Well, there is only one day left, but i hope others will join to make it more of a challenge.
Good Luck!!!

Anonymous said...

All I have to do is leave a comment

TexasDealHuntress said...

well you also have to become a follower so that i can contact you if you win. otherwise how will i be able to let you know that you won?

ash said...

Ok I think I followed right I am new to this site so guess well waif n see if won lol

amanda said...

i saw your ad on craigslist for the drawing for the princess and frog movie

TexasDealHuntress said...

The winner of this giveaway is Amanda, I will be posting weekly giveaways and hopefully getting local companies to contribute. So please stay active and check in reguraly I will try to post more deals daily. If you have any suggestions please feel free to email me at